Struggle - Defiance - Greed - Revenge


The online novel, serialised, to keep you on the edge of our web.


Immerse yourself in the new online horror novel. Begin with the preface below...


It came slowly. It always came slowly.
The temperature in the chamber was dropping. Dropping quickly enough that Ashen could begin to feel the chill spread down his back. He raised his eyes from his ledger and stared at the stone wall in front of him. It was happening behind him. He didn't want to turn, but he knew he must.
A trembling hand placed the quill on the writing table he stood at, thick black globs of ink spilled on his parchment. He twisted and looked over his shoulder, so he could see the centre of his underground chamber. He had been found again...

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  1. Condemnation
  2. Gravity
  3. Suffer
  4. Ligate
  5. Sepulture
  6. End
  7. Leverage
  8. Hunger
  9. Graft
  10. Align
  11. Thirst
  12. Betrayal
  13. Nascent
  14. Regicide
  15. Unfathomable
  16. Amass
  17. Summon


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